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Bring The Love

For those living close to the edge that somehow keep their smile as they hold on, but need giving hands to help them cope. The song features the wonderful Kathryn Reig on vocals with me. Originally I was moved to write it after working at a camp for families living with AIDS/HIV, but the song was later put on a benefit CD for hurricane Katrina and I now urge you to make a donation to help the latest hurricane victims.

Walking alone, through the night
. It’s so easy to see the darker side of life, without the light…….
I feel like I’m blind without answers to see
I reach to the sky for a miracle that’s free
But my savior can’t hold me tight
I need your hand to lead me through this fight.  Won’t you….

chorus:  Bring the love,  Bring the love,  Bring the love,   today
Bring the love,  Bring the love, Bring the love home to stay……

Children play in the rubble of their lives.  In this world, they never chose a side,
But in their eyes, they question why….!

Around me I hear hate and rage, who’s been hurt and who’s to blame
But this will never turn the page, our hearts must light the flame
Compassion will burn it bright
Together we will shine through the night.    Won’t you ….

Each act of kindness will burn it bright, together we will shine all night
Won’t you help me to bring our love to light…

2nd chorus:  Bring the love,   Lift up the love,   Bring the love right here today
Bring the love,  won’t you  Bring the love,
Bring the love home to stay……

See the love,    Feel the love,     Bring the love home to stay.

words and music by Eric E Everett © 2004

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