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Animal Party

The Earth-Rockin’ Adventure starts on Triple E’s farm when all the party invitations come back unopened. Triple E and his animal comrades decide to go investigate. They cruise around the globe on the back of Bubbablue the whale stopping off to see what’s up in the South American jungle, Antarctica, the African plains and mountains of North America. Through the dialogue and songs they find out that the Earth needs a little fixing up. They come up with some good ideas and a few good dances to rock out to all the way home to the party. Don’t miss the awesome band crankin’ it up with nearly 200 different singers, musicians and animals of all ages working to change the world, one song at a time.

Here’s the song Animal Party:

For more info, music and videos, stop by the website at

Before The Count

A playwright writes for her rent. Struggling to rekindle the success she once knew, she learns of her true essence from the street society of New York City. Guided by a Spirit who attempts to show her the way to self-confidence, she takes on obstacles of love and the grit of producing original works in the 90’s. Will she find love? Will she tell that evil producer where to go? Tune in future posting of music & video from the rock musical by Evan Shapiro and EE and find out.


Coming home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in the age of AIDS and macho-mania. Catch a ringside seat to see how Love & Desire duke it out in the battlefields of bars and garages of a small town. Many questions asked, the answers come from you. Are we really made from what we believe?