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We Will Rise

Spirit Sunrise

In this time of blatant corruption from greed and abuse of power, people are awakening to try to take back control of our world. I can barely contain my desire for justice and peace through equality.


This is the time, when we will rise.  There are wrongs, to be made right.

We stand together. We walk today.  We won’t be silent,  or bow to hate. 

Caring for each other grows the heart to show the way.

We want leaders to serve us all.   The rule by money has got to fall. 

It spreads the lies that fill our heads.  Someone profits from all our dead.

Equal education will reveal the truth they bled.


There is one thing that all of us share, the earth and water is free as the air.

It isn’t yours.  It isn’t mine.  It’s ours to give to children’s lives.

What will we do to make it better?  Will we care for their future now?

We all are different, but love the same.  Our hearts are equal, so is our pain.

There’s many problems on every side, but there’s solutions through compromise. 

Bring down the walls to see our world and share our lives.


Words and lyrics by Eric Everett  ©2016

One and One

Two kids from different worlds they grow up to reject find meaning with each other in music.

Mary was born in golden summer
She was the Wall St. wizard’s daughter
With money to burn all her seasons warm and green.
She got all she wanted, but she was haunted by visions of world poverty.
Her poetry was how she learned to speak.

Chico was born a real Rock n’ Roller
Sippin’ daddy’s beer riding on his shoulders.
His mother believed he would live her college dream.
As that boy became a man he had a different plan
He hated his school, but he loved his band
Music was his heart’s only release.

chorus: One body one world, one boy one girl,
Seeking mystery in their lives when it’s all been done before.

Escape for Mary was parties and shows in places she was forbidden to go
But to feel alive you’ve gotta walk on the edge sometimes.
That’s where she found Chico dancing up near the stage
They twisted their bodies to the deafening rage
Sharing fragmented futures in a common frame of time.

Where do you go when you walk a different road
That isn’t on the maps that you are given?
Your final goal can’t be expressed in sacks of gold
The metal cannot hold you when you’re reeling
From lack of meaning in your life!

chorus twice

Notes and letters were brought together in the body of a song
Chico and Mary had found a common ground …to walk on!
chorus twice

Words and music by Eric E. Everett ©1994

Red Gold

The people of our world do not share an equality of life. To do nothing to help change that allows the pain to continue. What is worse is that we may be linked to the cause.

How can I speak  dreams of peace
When my jaw grips tight with rage?
How can we trust documents of peace
When it’s wars of words we wage?
How can we stop the fighting
When it feeds the corporate need ?
The gold is red from the morals bled, name a god to back your green.

Lets all sit tight through economic strife, we’re as wealthy as we feel.
Believe what your leaders tell you, they’re there to serve a mass appeal.
Kind and gentle in consumer temples, it’s how life was meant to be.
Lets all join hands and praise the motherland and complete the travesty.

chorus : It’s easy to start a fight. It’s easy to claim we’re right.
It’s not so hard to play we’re dumb when we find out we’re the guilty ones.

I do not mean to point a finger, but I think hands should be raised;
Asking questions for some concrete answers, don’t let your silence dig more graves.
Political diversity doesn’t make for evil deeds.
The whole world wasn’t raised the same, take a look to the Middle East.

Don’t be fooled by what you see on your wide screen TV.
Reality hungers at our feet, in the jungle, in the street.
The guilty ones, oh, the guilty ones.

Words and music by Eric E. Everett © 1989