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The Call

Written to rally myself to persevere in the pursuit of making music that speaks for change in the world.


I feel like movin’, as the music calls my voice to rise
But I’m hesitating, gotta build my confidence to drive.
Let’s go, I must let go, scenes are changing much too slow.
Friends can’t always join my race, but I can’t let that check my pace.

chorus: I’ll sacrifice security, no compromise will suit me
I’ll sow the seeds of all my dreams
Heed the call to save our garden from the weeds of greed!

Standing by the side of heroes I can see that they’re not gods
Just folks with firm direction who worked the system and beat the odds.
I’ll be like them, I would like to join their fray
I can do it, I’ll meet the challenge all the way.      chorus

I’ll clench the dream between my teeth
Relentless feet pound endless streets
Pry every door and wedge my toes
Till someone opens up to hear my show.
hey  hey hey  hey come on!

I’ll give in to no compromise, the songs I sing will vibratize
The need for action in our lives to save this planet from our kind.
We’ll be like them, we can steer the winds of change
We can do it, we’ll meet the challenge all the way.       chorus

We’ll be like them! We can steer the winds of change.
You know that we can do it. We’ll meet the challenge…..
Meet it all the way….We’ll meet it all the way.… Hey!

Words and music by Eric E. Everett  © 1989