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Animal Party

The Earth-Rockin’ Adventure starts on Triple E’s farm when all the party invitations come back unopened. Triple E and his animal comrades decide to go investigate. They cruise around the globe on the back of Bubbablue the whale stopping off to see what’s up in the South American jungle, Antarctica, the African plains and mountains of North America. Through the dialogue and songs they find out that the Earth needs a little fixing up. They come up with some good ideas and a few good dances to rock out to all the way home to the party. Don’t miss the awesome band crankin’ it up with nearly 200 different singers, musicians and animals of all ages working to change the world, one song at a time.

Here’s the song Animal Party:

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A couple in a car. What was, what is and what may be. A dream.

My heart beat with the concrete
As the wheels rolled us on……. in the night
It was you & me in the front seat
And our big day long behind………. out of sight

And I couldn’t think of anything more beautiful than now
As I saw her in the moments when the streetlight showed me how

chorus: She …. had love in her eyes
There’s no words to hide behind when
She …. let me look in her eyes
Just to be, just to be…… mesmerized….. mesmerized

The different worlds that we come from
Do not easily see a harmony
But to hell with them, we’ll make other friends
We will be so strong, please hold on to me
And I couldn’t think of anything more beautiful and sure
When she touched my arm her gaze said to me “I am yours”

My heart beat with the concrete
As the wheels rolled us on……..ever on…. ever on….

Words and music by Eric E. Everett ©1994

Commuter Blues

Written in the car on the way to work in a ridiculous Atlanta traffic jam.


On my way to work this morning, cup of coffee in my hand,
My mind is irritated by this goddamn traffic jam!
Woa-o-oh, what am I doing?
I’m on my way to a stupid job that’s made my life a ruin.
I’m risking my neck on this crazy road five days a week.
My job’s so dull and boring I can do it in my sleep.

Well I raced on through the rush hour, I just wanted to get home.
It was a hectic, awful, no-good day, I need to rest my bones.
Woa-o-oh, what do I fear?
The day my salary gets so small I can’t afford a beer.
I ain’t got time to think about five days down the road
‘Cause the current pace that I’m keeping’s
Got my brain on overload!

Commuter blues, commuter blues,
It’s just too da-gone far to walk, I ain’t got no joggin’ shoes.

They say this type of music’s  too predictable and used, but I kind of like it,
It’s the kind of beat I choose.

The melody keeps on rockin’ and my wheels are always rollin’.
I wake up every morning and I sing commuter blues!


Words and Music by Eric E. Everett ©1987

Revised lyrics:
“______ traffic jam”
“I crawled on through the rush hour”
“The day my paycheck gets so small I spend it all on beer”