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Made Up Dreams

What is real and what’s an illusion? Will you let one rule the other in life and love?


Saw your face on the movie screen,
Your body was too beautiful to be believed,
But you know that I’m a sucker for a fantasy.
The eyes, the smile, the curves, the style,
You know that I’ll be thinking of you for a while.
In fact it may become a small obsession.

I’m lost in wishing you could be
So madly in love with me….
That you’d forget your movie man and
Step right through the silver screen to me.
These dreams could be, these dreams could be!

There’s another woman that’s in my life, we never used to have much strife.
Y’know, I think I even said I loved her.
But lately things just don’t seem right, every night ends up a fight.
She always says my mind is too distracted.
Last night came the last mistake, I slipped on my tongue and called her plain.
She threw me out in the pouring rain and I headed for the bright lights.
Ooo…Into the night…into the night…where dreams take flight!

Found a bar that had no name, the drinks they served were local fame.
I raised a toast to love and to illusion.
Then there across the empty bar, howled my sacred movie star.
The T.V. screen transformed her to a monster.
Confused and cross I stumbled on, woke up dazed on my front lawn,
As gentle hands dispersed the haze for the lucky guy his sweetest girl forgave.

You’ve gotta burn the make-up, inspect the soul,
Find someone you’ll love when you’re old.
Burn the make-up, don’t try to hide,
‘Cause all that counts is the heart inside.

I’m lost in wishing you could be
So madly in love with me…
But you can keep your movie man
My fantasies are more than skin deep.
These dreams could be, I know they all could be could be.
Yes, I know that they could be, yeah they could be!

Words and music by Eric E. Everett ©1994

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