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Commuter Blues

Written in the car on the way to work in a ridiculous Atlanta traffic jam.


On my way to work this morning, cup of coffee in my hand,
My mind is irritated by this goddamn traffic jam!
Woa-o-oh, what am I doing?
I’m on my way to a stupid job that’s made my life a ruin.
I’m risking my neck on this crazy road five days a week.
My job’s so dull and boring I can do it in my sleep.

Well I raced on through the rush hour, I just wanted to get home.
It was a hectic, awful, no-good day, I need to rest my bones.
Woa-o-oh, what do I fear?
The day my salary gets so small I can’t afford a beer.
I ain’t got time to think about five days down the road
‘Cause the current pace that I’m keeping’s
Got my brain on overload!

Commuter blues, commuter blues,
It’s just too da-gone far to walk, I ain’t got no joggin’ shoes.

They say this type of music’s  too predictable and used, but I kind of like it,
It’s the kind of beat I choose.

The melody keeps on rockin’ and my wheels are always rollin’.
I wake up every morning and I sing commuter blues!


Words and Music by Eric E. Everett ©1987

Revised lyrics:
“______ traffic jam”
“I crawled on through the rush hour”
“The day my paycheck gets so small I spend it all on beer”

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