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Dixie’s Baby Doll

Life in the city night, filled with people doing what they do to survive without losing their soul.


It was 4 am, I was at the end of a night I will remember,
Since I met the lender of some insight.
I was seeking the unusual in too familiar places,
Sifting through the faces for someone who might
Take my frown, turn me around to the light,
Make me brave, show me the way through the night.

I caught last call at the Baby Doll, but I couldn’t face the dancers,
They called for me to answer them with pay.
The bartender was Dixie, she told me what it’s like,
To be under the lights up on the table.
When you get right down to what counts, it’s in the eyes
Of who beholds what you know and what you prize…

chorus: You’ve got to do what you can do to make some change see you through,
Gotta hold on to what you know so they can’t buy your soul.         repeat

Dawn crept into the sky, city streets were empty,
Words that Dixie left me rolled my mind.
I found my car where I encountered open hands,
From a homeless man looking for somebody who might
Take his frown, turn it around to a smile,
Make him brave, show him the way to the light.

I gave what I had left, but there was more that I could do,
I remembered my guitar and I got it out to play
For the morning and the people on the move.
We made some change and a smiling face or two…..Hey you,  chorus

You’ve got to do what you can do.
You’ve got to hold on to what you know,
So they can’t buy your soul.

Words and music by Eric E. Everett  © 1991

Revised lyrics:

“Make him brave, show him the way through denial”


A camera has been in my hand ever since the first big family trip out West when I was 11. The first music video was made in High School to a live version of “Turn It On Again” by Genesis. Not only was that a blast, but we got to get out of class and got to film at the beach! The process of combining ideas visually with music is still a thrill for me. The budget is always low or non-existent and most videos would never happen at all without the help of friends and family. But here they are in all their goofy glory….