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Speaking In Tones

Wheels of the skateboard go tearing across the street to a screeching halt at the heels of a black-sheep, semi-god from Mt. Olympus. Meet the Muse. He seeks to free the spirit locked away in the hearts of characters like skater Pete and turn it into a musical expression of emotions. Pete’s sure-strutting sister Jessica arrives on the scene to provide the clash of wills that is measured up in the new rock musical Speaking In Tones. This performance is many things at once. It’s a play in a musical. It’s a concert by a band that grooves its way through the spectrum of rock being led by a Greek Muse. It is a look into the lives of a family and their friends as they try to overcome the modern barriers to love and communication. It’s about today, trying to understand how it got tripped up by the past, while it flies fast into the future.

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