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Silent Burning

Oh, college heartbreak… but it gave me something to do in the recording studio!


My pulse is pumping quickly as I watch the clouds rush by.
All thoughts return to last night as I try to answer why.
Confusion wreaks havoc on my heart,
Delusion has pulled my world apart.
I thought you knew the way I’ve loved you from the start.

Silently our faces touched, the world just disappeared.
Your fingers moving over me extinguished all my fears.
I was alive, you had released what you’d denied
For oh so long, to my dark nights you brought the dawn.
But today you walk away, what has gone wrong?

You tell me what you need so I can’t understand
Why when it comes from me it wasn’t what you had planned.
I’m down on my knees for you to give a chance
To prove that I could be your man.

It hurts to guess so I assumed what your advances meant.
My body drew conclusions since my thoughts were too intense.
I was alive, our tight embrace sent me so high,
But now I’m down, you shy away when I come around.
Was I a fool to hope your love was what I’d found?

Chorus: Stay with me or set me free.

My spirit is held captive by the flame that burns me blue.
I shouldn’t play with fire but my love’s ablaze for you.
Confusion, you toss and turn me in the night,
Delusion, my world can’t turn without your light,
Will you illuminate your answers for my sight?


Words and Music by Eric E. Everett ©1988