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Mystery Girl

To seemingly know someone through only speaking, but realities distance hides them in mystery.


Hey Misti, I miss you girl, don’t know where you’ve been.
You’re the reason I sang to the phone last night from the crazy state I’m in.

Don’t you miss me, my mystery girl?
Though we’ve never met, I feel like I’ve known you since we were kids,
It’s that voice I can’t forget.

I can’t forget my dreams of home,  I can’t forget I’m now alone,
But I remember your heart was speaking like my own.

Chorus: Don’t you be my mystery girl, meet our rendezvous
Reveal just one secret to lay roses on my blues.
Don’t you be my mystery girl, leave a trail of clues
I really need to solve love’s puzzle, the last piece is left for you.

Walk the stage through Misti’s world, fashions all the rage.
Could she ever have eyes for a man of words,
Perhaps a fool more than a sage.

From an open invitation in some random back page lines,
I was hoping that fate had caught my eye this time.
Strangers talked on many days, wishing friends would lead the way.
Won’t you try your luck before our music fades?


…It’s up to you!

Won’t you please, please unveil the mystery…. girl….

Words and Music by Eric E. Everett ©1996