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In Your Sleep Tonight

If we both look at the moon tonight, across distance and time, it will reflect the thoughts that howl within.

As I run I watch the numbers come around and then fall down
From the center of my solitude, the center of this town.
From the shores of consciousness I wade into the sea of dreams
And float out with the timeless tide of memories serene.

chorus: But tonight, woah tonight
There’s a silent cry rising to the sky
I cast it from my window up into the full moonlight
And pray that you might hear me calling
In your sleep tonight.

I hold onto your letters like you held me with your eyes
But if we could be together
I’d hold you close and dance all night.
Hardly got to know you in the precious time we shared
Just a little bit more is all I need
To show how much I care.

Not much point in what I do
Without a love to see me through
I need a reason to wake up tomorrow
I’d like it to be you.


Words and music by Eric E. Everett ©1990

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