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In Your Sleep Tonight

If we both look at the moon tonight, across distance and time, it will reflect the thoughts that howl within.

As I run I watch the numbers come around and then fall down
From the center of my solitude, the center of this town.
From the shores of consciousness I wade into the sea of dreams
And float out with the timeless tide of memories serene.

chorus: But tonight, woah tonight
There’s a silent cry rising to the sky
I cast it from my window up into the full moonlight
And pray that you might hear me calling
In your sleep tonight.

I hold onto your letters like you held me with your eyes
But if we could be together
I’d hold you close and dance all night.
Hardly got to know you in the precious time we shared
Just a little bit more is all I need
To show how much I care.

Not much point in what I do
Without a love to see me through
I need a reason to wake up tomorrow
I’d like it to be you.


Words and music by Eric E. Everett ©1990


While visiting Russia in 1995, I found a basement bar and it just so happened that the Beatles were on stage playing, Ed Sullivan show era, though they sang in Russian. That’s where I met Natasha… and if you can speak Russian, the last line is for you.

A smokey room, a foreign place, I have come to see the land we once feared
The people smile, like old friends and everybody starts to cheer
The band rocks across the stage, everybody moves to catch their heartbeat
I spy you watching me beneath your long hair and everything just melts away

Chorus 1: Natasha, Natasha, you caught me with your eyes,
Look into my soul, it’s love that you shall find.
The world may be in between, but that isn’t how it has to be!

We shared a smile, I watched you dance, then you held your hand out inviting.
Nothing to say, nothing to lose from one slow dance with you
But it could translate exciting

Chorus 2: Natasha, Natasha, you caught me with your eyes,
Look into my soul, it’s love that you shall find.
Natasha, there’s a world to define, we can show them how it all could be!

As the music ended we made wishes with our eyes
A voice called out your name and you drew back to his side
My pipe dreams blew away and I wondered if you cared
If you looked back just once I would know I should have dared…
…spin your golden hair….let me hold your longing stare….
Then she turned with a smile, I was walking on air!
Chorus 1 and 2

Natasha! N-n-n-n- Natasha!
This could only mean…Ya Tebya Looblyu!

Words and Music by Eric E. Everett ©1996

Animal Party

The Earth-Rockin’ Adventure starts on Triple E’s farm when all the party invitations come back unopened. Triple E and his animal comrades decide to go investigate. They cruise around the globe on the back of Bubbablue the whale stopping off to see what’s up in the South American jungle, Antarctica, the African plains and mountains of North America. Through the dialogue and songs they find out that the Earth needs a little fixing up. They come up with some good ideas and a few good dances to rock out to all the way home to the party. Don’t miss the awesome band crankin’ it up with nearly 200 different singers, musicians and animals of all ages working to change the world, one song at a time.

Here’s the song Animal Party:

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