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Valentine Caress

Valentine’s Day can be as dark as the shadow of love that was lost. But really, it’s a happy song in its catharsis.


14 February…and I don’t care.
Used up my propositions, no one took the dare.
Nothing seems that different from this day to the next
But I feel a little hollow, there’s an arrow in my chest,
Must be that sweet ‘ole valentine caress…
Oh yes…caress.

I knew an honest beauty once, once upon a time
But I was young and I let her go to see what I could find.
Now I can’t be satisfied without pure love divine
Must be the ghost of my old valentine…all mine
Valentine…all mine.

Gonna look you up, gonna take you out
Gonna find where we left off.
Our differences were trivial
I just can’t do without…your love…
your love….without…your love….

You’re probably married to another dreamer
I oughta sleep.
I scan over the crowd once more
Hope my eyes will meet
The one who’s gonna finally put your memory to rest
With a touch of sweet old valentine caress…
woah yes, caress……woah…yes, I said caress! Oh yes… caress….

Words and Music by Eric E. Everett ©1990

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