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Love & Desire

Can you fall in love on a club dance floor? Rumors can wreck havoc on the heart and should be taken with a grain of funk.

Jumped onto the floor one night
Dance among the flashing lights
Funk my feet with the people dressed so fine.
Body heat was cookin’, I began to start a-lookin’
At the pretty girl in red who moved divine.

Suddenly she slipped between my legs and took my hand
Stretched me out like a big ‘ole rubber band.
Snap back, tongue inside, a thought just struck me like a knife:
“This must be the demon with the heavens in her eyes!”
They say her lips entice you to go dive in deadly sin
When she grabs you by the thighs it’s either sink or swim!

chorus: Sometimes it’s hard to tell
Vice of heaven or slice of hell
When you’re walkin’ the live wire
Between love and desire…love and desire…Love and Desire!

Tangoed through a few more drinks and limboed out the door.
I had to cringe when I saw my friends laughing on the floor.
I knew they must be jealous, but proceeded to inquire,
Shouldn’t I apply the brakes before I crash the car?!
“I’m a closet romantic,” that’s what I said to her.
“There ain’t no use in foolin’ ’round
When it’s head games I prefer.”
She eyed me disbelieving and cracked a wicked smile.
“OK, let’s play, I’ll spin your stuff like a bottle on the floor….child.”

Across my cherub where she lay, the sunny morn’ poured in
Despite my dizzy head my heart was splitting within.
I didn’t want to let her go, to see her never more
So she left a devil’s calling card her red, red dress on the floor
Get on the floor! Everybody on the floor! Every body FUNK DOWN!


Words and music by Eric E. Everett ©1990

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